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Solving The K-12 Mental Health Crisis - How To Bring Relief To Your Team In The Mental Health Crisis

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How To Relieve District Staff From Piling Up Community-Based Referrals


What They Say About Us:

“They have made connecting families in my school community to outside resources so much smoother and more efficient.”


School Counselor

“When I refer a kiddo and their family I KNOW they will be cared for, and that leaves me at ease. As a middle school counselor in 2019, referral rates are through the roof. “


School Counselor

“What you are doing and how you are impacting our families is invaluable. Every time I share about your program I share with great pride that we are collaborating.”


Wellness Specialist

“Care Solace accomplished within 24 hours what I was not able to do for months. We are so grateful for having access to this website.”

Mrs. Smith


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