You take all the work out of this process

Wow. This is my first time working with Care Solace and I am so impressed! You take all the work out of this process! Amazing! Thanks again!
School Counselor

Highly recommend Care Solace

I highly recommend Care Solace for every Superintendent in California. We have been working with Care Solace for over 2 years. They have helped us link more families than ever before to mental health services. Their verification allows us to keep updated on which local community resources are available to help families. They also help our staff with the much needed follow through and care coordinating that is necessary when linking a family to mental health resources. Their handholding approach to serving our families has been a game changer for us.

Dr. Steven E. Keller
Superintendent, Redondo Beach USD

A great testament to the services you offer

Dr. David Ritcher referred one of our special education families for behavioral health via Care Solace and within 20 minutes, the family had an appointment. Previously, the family had been unsuccessful in finding services. This was such a great testament to the services you offer and I wanted to share it with you so you know that you are making a difference. Best wishes for continued success.

Diana Walsh-Reuss, Ed.D.
Associate Superintendent

Care Solace has been a blessing

The name truly says it all!  When I refer a kiddo and their family I KNOW they will be cared for, and that leaves me at ease.  As a middle school counselor in 2019, referral rates are through the roof.  Anxiety, depression, suicide ideation, divorce…our kids deal with so much, and with access to social media and technology constantly at their fingertips, the rates have skyrocketed.  Taking on the referral, linkage, and follow-up process can be a tremendously daunting task, quite honestly, a full-time job itself. Care Solace has provided the same 1:1 attention I pride myself in, and keeps me in the loop from start to finish.  All while alleviating some of the follow-up that often adds-up. Care Solace has been a blessing in my day to day practice! Thanks again, Daniel!

School Counselor

Sooo grateful…

You are all so awesome, sooo grateful for your help and assistance with our kids and their families. Thank you so much.😊😊😊

School Counselor

Invaluable impact

What you are doing and how you are impacting our families is invaluable. Every time I share about your program I share with great pride that we are collaborating. Your team has consistently been communicative and “on it” when it comes to families and students. They consistently make our students and families feel heard, understood and validated. God is truly using you and the vision you have. Thank you for your investment and dedication to the purpose you were designed to fulfill.

Wellness Specialist

Outstanding service

I greatly appreciate your services, support & communication.  I will continue to offer my support as well and continue using this outstanding service you provide!

School Counselor

Wow, this is amazing.

Wow, this is amazing. Thank you so much for the update and follow-through. This family has been referred to counseling in the past but the attempt was unsuccessful as parent never returned any phone calls to schedule the intake. I am so glad you have been able to communicate with her. I’ll make note of the service provider. Thanks again!

School Counselor

For months I’d been searching

My name is Mrs. Smith and my FTM transgender son attends a school in PYLUSD.  For months I’ve been searching for therapists that we can afford but found none.  Yesterday PYLUSD sent email to parents regarding the availability of Care Solace services for us.  In return, I tried to search the web on my own and was not successful. I sent an email to the link provided.  To my surprise, I received a response from Daniel quickly asking for details. I did and again he responded very quickly and within 5 minutes Cindy contacted me for details.  Today Cindy called with the contact info of a provider nearby and at a very, very reasonable price that we can afford. In addition, Daniel called me tonight to make sure I was able to find what I was looking for and to follow up or make more inquiries.  Now that is fast, efficient and friendly service. Both Daniel and Cindy at Care Solace accomplished within 24 hours what I was not able to do for months. We are so grateful for having access to this website.

Mrs. Smith

It’s been my pleasure

It has been my pleasure to partner with Care Solace this school year. They have made connecting families in my school community to outside resources so much smoother and more efficient.  They have a very rapid response time and are friendly and helpful always.  They follow through on what they say they will do and keep me posted along the way.  I have loved working with them and my families have positive reviews for them as well.  I really hope my district keeps this in place because I have been able to link more families this year than any other year to outside needed resources.

School Counselor

Care Solace Support Amid COVID-19

Care Solace is fully operational regardless of disruptions that continue to unfold due to COVID-19. We are uniquely equipped to support districts and communities during this pandemic. Our proprietary care navigation system taps into our vast database of mental healthcare resources to find carefully vetted local and virtual therapists and programs in minutes.


Learn how one district met the increased
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